Thursday, January 29, 2009

The passing of a master

News has started spreading on the net that the patriach of the Gracie Family, Helio Gracie passed away on Thursday Morning (Rio Time). He was 95 years old.

For a more comprehensive write up on Grand Master Helio and the amazing legacy he has left behind please have a look at the Gracie Academy website.

Grand Master Helio Gracie should be seen as an inspiration to all BJJ practitioners and martial artists in general. He is reputed to have continued training in the art he developed untill his passing.

The art itself is a marvel in body mechanics, human movement and leverage. I have been training in BJJ for over 10 years and I still continue to learn more about the principles of leverage and body mechanic each and every time I train.

Training in this art has had a great impact on my life personally, as it has likely on thousands of others. It has lead me to a greater appreciationof human movement which in turn has lead me to look at things like Yoga, Gymnastica Natural and Flow fit. All of which I now incorporate into my daily exercise regime. By using these training methods I hope to be able to maintain free flowing mobility and agility well into my senior years.

For myself BJJ has become a majr part of my life, it means, fun, friendship and enjoyment.

I have made a number of very good freinds from BJJ. Within BJJ circles I have met numerous others who I have the utmost respect for and continue to inspire me.

All this is thanks to the spirit and devotion of one man, who took a Japanese Martial art and turned it into an amazing system of fighting and Self defence, an art form of beauty in human movement and inspired thousands of others the world over to embrace his wonderful art.

To the Gracie family, I offer my condolances.

Grandmaster Helio Gracie, may you rest in peace, with the knowledge that your legacy will live on through the countless devotees to your art.

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