Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ray Floro / Richard Norton Seminar

Last Sunday I made the trek up to Shepparton a country town in Northern Victoria in order to attend a seminar with 2 top class instructors being Ray Floro and Richard Norton.

2 hours with each for a total of $50.00, how could I pass that up.

And it was well worth the 3 hour drive to get there.

Even though it was hot (well over 40 degress), and there was no airconditioning there was a great turnout of about 50 people. Most from the Bob Jones Corporation (BJC) arts, but also a few from other arts.

As a contributor to the Blitz martial arts forum, I got to meet some of the people I often get to verbally spar with. Which was great.

But to the material of the seminar: WOW.

I am in instructor under Ray Floro, but yet I still managed to learn something new. Any one who has not trained in Ray Floro's system is seriously missing out. It is simply the best knife defence system out there.

When Ray was finished it was onto 2 hours of RBSD stuff from Richard Norton. I last trained with Richard Norton about 20 years ago, and he is still a marvel. He is fast and obviously dedicated. The material he showed had a lot of corolation to what I already do and was obviously influenced by Tony Blauer's SPEAR system.

It was good and it was fun. Even in the extreme heat.

Both Richard and Ray were full of energy, throughout the seminar, and answered questions freely. Both are appraochable and extremelly knowledgable.

Having trained with Ray for a number of years, I consider him a good friend and it is always a pleasure to catch up with him.

Richard Norton, even though he is a busy person who had to fly out to LA the next day, stayed back and joined many of us for a meal in town. There was none of the 'airs and graces' you would expect from a legitimate action movie star. He is one of the most down to earth people I have met. Again if the opportunity ever presents itself to train with him, I advise everyone to take the opportunity.

All in all, a great experience. A big thank you to Mick Clarke and Ben Hamilton from BJC for putting on the event and being great hosts for all who attended.

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