Friday, July 3, 2009

Knife Defence - FFS Variation

Ok, this video is a basic knife defence against one of the two most likely knife (edged weapon)attacks, being either a stab to the stomach or a slash to the face. The video shows Darren (JSD Instructor) being attacked with a typical body stab, by Sam.

The defence he is using is a variation of the Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) knife defence for this situation. In this case he is using the Universal Shield to block/ stop the strike, deflecting or pushing the energy of the strike to the right, attacking the body (because its big, hard to miss and slower moving, as opposed to trying to catch a fast moving arm), then climbing the body to our head control position.

This technique comes from our level one syllabus.

Using the head control he takes Sam down to the ground, and controls the weapon bearing limb.
This defence blends elements from FFS and grappling as do many of our self defence concepts.

Next week I will try and put up a variation of this same attack and defence but in a multiple attacker situation. How will we do this? You will have to wait and see.

We have standing instructions that the attacker must continue to attack if he or she has the opportunity. In fact we believe this is a fundamental part of any real training and testing process.

The filming location is my home training gym.

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