Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ishinryu Seminar

Last Friday I did a seminar on Knife defence for the Ishinryu Karate guys at thier Mornington Dojo.

We had students and instructors from a number of the nearby Ishinryu clubs come along to learn the Floro Fighting Systems version of Knife defence.

The Ishinryu guys and girls were all extremelly friendly and keen to learn. This obviously makes it easier on the instructor (in this case me).

We started with the basic FFS universal shield, then applied that defensive structure to the two most common types of knife/ edged weapon attack, being an overhand slash/ stab and the stab / thrust to the body. The basic FFS follow up was practiced, then I showed a couple of variations where we move into a head control position similair to what is commonly known as the 'shredder'.

The same universal shield was then used to enable a quick escape from the dangerous situation of edged weapon attacks.

We then dealt with general defensive tactics, including some very basic verbal considerations, and the difference between threats vs actual attacks and the different options applicable to each.

The tactical options shown were well received and performed very well by all attending.

I would like to pass on my thanks for the enthusiastic reception and open minds of those attending, in particular to Tony Hester and Peter Hollowood who organised the seminar.

It was appreciated by myself and Darren my assistant instructor.

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